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In radiology, sub-specialization allows radiologists to be highly experienced in one specific type of imaging, resulting in accurate diagnoses. Our team of doctors contain many board-certified radiologists; they are experts in their individual fields and are trained in taking and reading images for specific parts of the body.


Body Imaging  Musculoskeletal   Neuroradiology
Breast Imaging    Interventional Radiology

Body Imaging

Radiologists specializing in Body Imaging use multiple modalities including CT, MRI, Ultrasound and X-ray to diagnose abnormalities or issues in the lungs, liver, stomach, spine, pelvis, kidneys, colon, pancreas, and all portions of the abdomen.


Radiologists specializing in Musculoskeletal Imaging generally use MRI but may also use other imaging modalities to view the body’s major joints, spine, soft tissue and bones of the extremities. These sub-specialists are highly trained at diagnosing degenerative joint disorders, tears, fractures, spine or joint abnormalities and sports-related injuries.


Radiologists specializing in Neuroradiology focus on the diagnosis of abnormalities of the central and peripheral nervous system, spine, head and neck. Generally through the use of MRI and CT scans, neuroradiologists diagnose stroke, tumor, genetic conditions, aneurysms, Alzheimer’s disease, and many other causes of neurological dysfunction.

Breast Imaging

Radiologists specializing in Breast Imaging focus on issues primarily concerned with the breasts and female organs. Through the use of Mammography, Breast Ultrasound, Breast MRI, Bone Densitometry and other modalities and procedures, radiologists are able to screen and diagnose issues specific to the breast in women and men.

Interventional Radiology

In Interventional radiology, trained radiologists use imaging guidance to treat patients. Radiologist perform minimally invasive, targeted procedures for medical conditions that once required open surgery. Radiologist will use ultrasounds, X-rays, CAT scans, or MRI scans during the procedures to see inside the body. Interventional Radiology is a less risky, less expensive treatment option and can reduce hospital stays.

Committed to Providing Personalized Care

"I'd like to share how pleased I was with Dr. Nguyen's service in the middle of the night. I felt my patient needed an emergent MRI and I found him to be very friendly, helpful and willing to do whatever was best for the patient. The MRI was done with no hassle and both the patient and I were very pleased with the service."

Referring Physician

"Thank you for performing my recent biopsy so carefully. Dr. Bolton Smith kept me well informed during the entire procedure and I wanted to let her know how much I appreciate it."

RDR Patient

"Thank you so much, Dr. Brindley, for your help and patience during a difficult time. You were very calm and very respectful of everyone throughout the evening. We truly appreciate it."

Patient Family Member

"My radiologist was very kind when visiting with me to review my preliminary results. Everything was explained clearly and questions were encouraged. I really appreciate that there was a provider on site to quickly review the images. This alleviated a lot of the anxiety inherent to some of the testing done there."

RDR Patient

"Dr. Spoden was very concerned with my comfort and was extremely helpful in getting me on and off the table. He was wonderful and pleasant to be around. Dr. Spoden also took the time to very clearly explain his evaluation of the images."

RDR Patient

I was recently seen by Dr. Spoden and Dr. Bolton Smith for a procedure and I wanted to let you know how wonderful these two doctors are! I was scared! Scared of the unknown. They were both so kind and compassionate. I love that they tried to keep the conversation upbeat and positive. Even through my tears they managed to make me smile. The professionalism, kindness and caring they showed me will never be forgotten.

RDR Patient

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